CORE is an intelligent recommender system for improving software engineering education.



Software engineering has become more and more important over the last years, not only for computer scientists. The boundaries between a technical engineer and a software engineer become increasingly blurred. The research project EVELIN (experimental improvement of learning software engineering) is trying to find answers to the questions which competencies should students have after graduating and which didactic approach suits the best to foster a given competency in the context of software engineering. To satisfy the need of storing research documents and research results, a web based software has been designed and implemented in this master thesis. Important demands on this software are the ability to store competencies and competency profiles and to represent them in a graphical manner. Therefore a simple notation for drawing competency profiles by using directed acyclic graphs was invented and implemented. Furthermore the i*-notation – originally known from the area of requirements engineering – has been analyzed for its suitability to describe competency profiles. Due to the fact that EVELIN is focused on competency orientated learning, the newly developed software has been named CORE (Competency Repository). The repository and its data model should form the basis for in-depth analyses of influences on the teaching and learning of software engineering – for example by using data-mining methods. In the future, the software should actively support lecturers and educational scientists in their work on improving software engineering education.

Masterarbeit : Konzeption und Realisierung eines Repositories zur Verwaltung von Kompetenzen. Master Thesis, Coburg University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Coburg, Germany ()